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2017 Super Bowl Party!
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2017 Super Bowl Party!
« on: Jan 17, 17, 12:07 pm »
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  • Super Bowl LI Party Sunday, February 5, 2:30 PM
    We have moved this years annual Super Bowl party from Newberg to Gales Creek Oregon!
    Those of you who know Kevin Kresin (Mudslinger), He will be hosting this years Pacific NW 4x4s 2017 Super Bowl Party  smokin We will have both the garage and heated tents this year, and as always plenty of TV's, 10ft HD Projection screen, Taco Bar, and Drinks.

    Please bring a side dish, and drink to help complete our Taco Bar Potluck Super Bowl party. Lots of parking, family oriented, and kid friendly hope to see you there!
    11440 NW Gales Creek rd
    Gales Creek, OR 97117

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