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Memorial Day Campout 2016

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Author Topic: Memorial Day Campout 2016  (Read 356 times)

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Offline F250Diesel

Memorial Day Campout 2016
« on: May 15, 16, 10:33 am »
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  • May 27th-30th at Lyda Camp.  I'm planning on hauling my 4Runner and camp trailer up to the gravel loop at Lyda camp.  Depending on work we should be there either Friday morning or Friday evening.  With the Runner on 33s I won't be doing anything hard core but at least I figured out the ignition issue from last year. 

    Even if you can only come for a day run we would love to see you out there.  I should have an open seat in the Runner if anyone needs it.
    Tow rig: 98 Dodge Cummins.  Old rig: 91 F250 7.3 turbo, NP203/205, 4.10s, Lockright/ARB, traction bars, flatbed, f/r receiver winch. 
    Tube buggy: Propane SBC350/TH350/NP203/205, 3-linked D70s f/r, 4.88s, Hydro steer, 42 tractor tires, Corbeau 5 point seat.

    Offline hardhead811

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    Re: Memorial Day Campout 2016
    « Reply #1 on: May 16, 16, 03:23 pm »
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  • I should be there Friday morning also Looking forward to it
    mud happens

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