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Off-Road events in your area / 2017 Super Bowl Party!
« Last post by SlvrEagl on Jan 17, 17, 12:07 pm »
Super Bowl LI Party Sunday, February 5, 2:30 PM
We have moved this years annual Super Bowl party from Newberg to Gales Creek Oregon!
Those of you who know Kevin Kresin (Mudslinger), He will be hosting this years Pacific NW 4x4s 2017 Super Bowl Party  smokin We will have both the garage and heated tents this year, and as always plenty of TV's, 10ft HD Projection screen, Taco Bar, and Drinks.

Please bring a side dish, and drink to help complete our Taco Bar Potluck Super Bowl party. Lots of parking, family oriented, and kid friendly hope to see you there!
11440 NW Gales Creek rd
Gales Creek, OR 97117

Local trail run in your area / Re: Memorial Day Campout 2016
« Last post by hardhead811 on May 16, 16, 03:23 pm »
I should be there Friday morning also Looking forward to it
Local trail run in your area / Memorial Day Campout 2016
« Last post by F250Diesel on May 15, 16, 10:33 am »
May 27th-30th at Lyda Camp.  I'm planning on hauling my 4Runner and camp trailer up to the gravel loop at Lyda camp.  Depending on work we should be there either Friday morning or Friday evening.  With the Runner on 33s I won't be doing anything hard core but at least I figured out the ignition issue from last year. 

Even if you can only come for a day run we would love to see you out there.  I should have an open seat in the Runner if anyone needs it.
The B.S. Room / Re: The toyuki lives!!!!!!!!!!!
« Last post by toolman on Mar 07, 16, 11:54 am »
Cool project!  Good luck with it.
The B.S. Room / Re: The toyuki lives!!!!!!!!!!!
« Last post by Grizz on Mar 05, 16, 08:36 am »
I forgot to say that it now sits on a set of 35/15.50/15 TSL SUPER SWAMPERS  and rides on a set of YJ springs with boomerang shackles.
The plan is to stretch it 3 more inches in the front to give more room for a 3 or 4 row radiator and also to not bottom out the front drive line.
The B.S. Room / Re: The toyuki lives!!!!!!!!!!!
« Last post by Grizz on Mar 05, 16, 08:32 am »

Am deciding to make this thread like a zombie and rise again and post a new pic and some updates.
Since my last post I have rebuilt the rice motor and killed the motor due to a flaw in the engine it self. After decking the block, and installing a brand new head the cursed motor blew another head gasket. Before I got it from my buddy it had blown 2 head gaskets and then a third a week fore I got it. It has blown two on me and I have decided since I am moving into a new house with a garage it is going to get a heart transplant. 
I designed this lil rice cracker box to be an all around rig but now is going to be a play toy yet street legal. So the new heart is going to be a 4 cyl vw turbo diesel when I find one.
 This is a similar look to the front clip idea I have in mind.
Off-Road events in your area / WILLAMINA MUD DRAGS, JULY 25, 2015
« Last post by sdawkins503 on Jul 19, 15, 11:56 am »
It's not to late to register. Call me: 503-435-8908. or visit www.totaldestructionracing.com
Off-Road events in your area / 7th Annual Memorial Day Campout
« Last post by F250Diesel on May 12, 15, 03:16 pm »
HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!

Just a few more weeks and our favorite soggy campout will be here again.  The location is Lyda Camp at Tillamook State Forrest.  I was working during the planning lunch so someone please add details.

I'm planning on bringing my new-to-me 94 Toyota 4Runner for a test run.  Also kids and adults archery as well as 200 and 400 foot Zip lines.
Off-Road events in your area / Re: Super Bowl Party
« Last post by Stacie on Jan 22, 15, 02:42 pm »
Ill bring my margarita maker!
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